Close Protection

London Shadow Group takes an industry-unique approach in the selection of our Close Protection staff by only employing candidates who have completed our rigorous training or have served in Special Forces, Royal Military, or UK Police Close Protection units. Our selection process is unrivalled in the industry, placing your protection firmly in the hands of security staff who are vetted to the fullest extent, trained to the highest standards, and UK licensed.

Our continued success in Close Protection services is supported by the intensely experienced staff we deploy, the proactive philosophy of our operations department, and our in-depth consultancy phase of every Close Protection operation. This consultancy is an essential step in providing the proper level of security services and includes a review of your unique needs and lifestyle.

London Shadow Group's superior experience in security services & close protection, in corporate and hostile environments, allows Diplomats, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), VIPs, corporate clients and entertainment industry celebrities to travel, conduct business, and attend functions in utter confidence.

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