Retail Security Guards

London Shadow Group is a specialist in retail security, offering proactive detect and deter solutions to retail stores facing increasing losses due to theft. Effective loss prevention is becoming increasingly important to retail businesses of all sizes as thefts become more commonplace.  

Fortunately, our deep experience in retail security supports our ability to develop and execute a plan of action that puts a stop to theft and shrinkage in your business.

We understand that oftentimes retail stores use police response for their security needs. That excellent resource regularly does an excellent job of deterring crime and catching criminals, but cannot provide the full time visible security presence many retailers require for effective profit protection.

London Shadow Group store detectives operate as retail store security experts on behalf of our clients throughout the UK. Trained to identify theft threats and deal with the offenders, our highly trained security guards can quickly deter offenders or make a lawful arrest, ensuring a safe shopping and work environment for your honest customers and staff.

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